Robot Security Systems
is at home in state-of-the-art


The new security standard

SAM, an acronym for Secure, Autonomous and Mobile, is the first self-propelled service robot that is specifically equipped to protect and secure ‘empty’ rooms, such as data centres, logistics centres, buildings with public areas, and parking garages. SAM is linked to the building management system and detects, observes, and reports while making its rounds.

Optimum outdoor security

SAM XL is the expanded version of SAM, which is an acronym for Secure, Autonomous and Mobile. SAM XL has some extra features which are best summarized as ‘for outdoor use’.

Really special

Since critics of robotics will probably still be having second thoughts as to the use of the SAM robot, we would like to highlight some of its accomplishments: SAM can distinguish between people and rodents – live creatures that (unfortunately) are often present in areas like warehouses that are supposed to be empty. Its thermal sensors enable SAM to detect people, even parts of a human body (e.g. a leg or an arm if somebody tries to hide), and shadows.

SAM goes on

SAM goes on where the security officer stops. SAM is ‘living’ proof that robot technology and security technology are an excellent combination in a market that is characterized by growth and scale expansion. SAM makes 24/7 security widely available to companies and sites where this appeared to be possible or not profitable until recently. Meet SAM?