Smart securityrobot becomes colleague

He looks like a a friendly cartoon character. Bold too, packed with sensors, electronics and software, like 360 degree camera vision, a thermal camera, laserscanners and ID-readers.

He does surveilances, detects and communicates.

This is why this curious colleague is a nice addition to your existing securitysystems and securityguards.

We would like to introduce you to Securityrobot SAM


‘Technology can never replace humans, but they can improve them’ says Ron Knaap about the existence of SAM. ‘physical security is cost-intensive and not always the most reliable solution. Because humans make mistakes and our observation skills are limited and subjective.’

For companies with a big surface and valuable stuff , like distributioncentres, docks anddatacentres, there is a better better and more (cost)efficient solution: A security robot.

Security company Robot Security Systems (RSS)  developped the robot with installment-, security- and ICT-companies, Expertise and customers


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