SAM in the race for an accenture innovation award

Breaking news: the registration process for the 10th Innovation Awards closed on July 31st. In total, 800 concepts were registered for this anniversary edition of the Accenture Innovation Awards!

This year Accenture is organizing the tenth Innovation Awards for the number one innovation program of the Netherlands. Here, innovations which are 3 years old or younger compete with each other for the coveted blue tulips. During the jury process, which has just begun, they have to convince not only the public of their abilities, but also our impressive jury panel.

During the Innovation Awards program, the submitted concepts can benefit from the Innovation Awards Platform. What exactly does that mean? We have listed an overview below:

1. In the media

Accenture collaborates with major national and sector-specific media, and RTL Z, RTL Toekomstmakers, Bright TV and Emerce are important partners. Examples from this year include the interviews with BimBimBikes and Fanly on and the interviews with last year’s winners such as Yippie, Bux and Sweetie on RTL Z.

2. Valuable feedback

Within each theme, there is a jury of between 10 and 15 top people, and in total around 130 jury members have committed themselves to the Innovation Awards. People such as the CEOs of top Tech companies such as Tesla, Twitter, Pega, Qlik and Dell. Or representatives from organizations such as Talpa, Heineken, Unilever, Robovalley, government ministries, Transavia, KLM, investors, Shell, Ahold, TNO and many others.

3. Networking

The various programs that are organized throughout the year offer the chance to connect with large companies and potential investors. Various innovation clusters such as YesDelft, Robovalley, Rockstart, StartupDelta and ImpactHub contribute to the Innovation Awards and offer a way in to the networks and facilities within these breeding grounds of innovation.

4. Learning and strengthening each other

Accenture is aiming for a platform for open innovation, both within and across various industry sectors. Therefore Accenture, together with its partners, has organized various “Innovation Academy” sessions. Participants in the 2016 Innovation Awards have received detailed information about this.

Concepts that have been registered for the 2016 Accenture Innovation Awards have also received detailed information about the process that will be followed after registration closes.

Let’s accelerate Innovation. Together.