Rotterdam Security Robot Protects Parking Garages

Slightly less than half a meter tall, and with a cheerfully flashing light, the robot is making its inspection rounds in the parking garages. It looks like a friendly character from a film. But
looks can be deceiving; this small and highly manoeuvrable robot is filled to the brim with high-tech equipment and software, such as a 360˚ camera, a thermal camera, a laser scanner and an ID reader. It patrols, detects and communicates.

Sodexo and the Robot Security Systems (RSS) security company have joined forces and have been experimenting with the use of an ingenious mobile robot for protecting parking garages since August.
“Technology can make our work easier, safer and more efficient,” said Sepp Rickli, Sodexo General Services Manager and involved in this project. “The robot will not replace security personnel, but it will be a helpful colleague. The robot can be integrated with the existing security system. Its sensors allow it to monitor what is going on in its environment. If any intruders are detected, it will immediately sound the alarm. The incident room employee then decides what action should be taken. The robot can also contribute to hospitality, for instance by taking people to their destination, identifying free parking slots, or by contacting a human colleague. We see lots of opportunities for this metal employee.”

On site and always watchful

RSS developed the robot together with installers, security and ICT companies, knowledge centres and customers. Edwin Lustig, CEO of RSS: “It is pre-programmed with various features including a floor plan, the locations of the detectors and the plans of action for the security personnel. It uses its laser scanner to continually make a digital map of its surroundings, which it sends to the incident room. Its intelligent thermal camera enables it to recognize people. It can also see objects such as cars by means of its scanner and its 360˚ camera.”


By now, the robot has been listed in the Dutch MKB Innovatie Top 100 (SMB Innovation Top 100) and it has won the SSA Award in the category of Anti-burglary and Alerting Systems. This award was presented during the Safety & Security Amsterdam trade fair in September 2016. Sepp Rickli: “The security robot offers innovative and cost-saving opportunities and our first security pilots have been successful. We are also interested to see what this robot can offer in its role of service provider. The collaboration between people and technology is promising.”