Meet SAM,
the RSS 24/7 safety & security

About RSS

The number one solution to all security issues

Robot Security Systems (RSS), a 100% subsidiary of Robot Robots Company, combines two passions: knowledge of safety and security and state-of-the-art technology. RSS’ most compelling product is SAM, its mobile security robot. SAM is an acronym for Secure, Autonomous and Mobile, and is the number one solution for security issues in logistics and data centres, public venues and parking garages.

The future of robotics is now

RSS wants to get the security world in motion, and SAM and SAM XL are just the beginning! Ambitious as we are, RSS intends to continue developing new robot and sensor technology products and services. Have you become curious to learn what RSS can mean for you and your company or organization? Your question is our challenge

Your question is our challenge

In healthcare, robot technology helps professionals perform surgery and it also enables effortless 24/7 monitoring of patients in an intensive care ward. However, security employees have to be present in person 24/7 in order to protect a premises or grounds, with all the associated risks and dangers. RSS thinks that there are better ways to do this.

Custom robotics

Robot Security Systems is a 100% subsidiary of Robot Robots Company and a spin-off of Lobeco Fire + Security. Lobeco has worked on expanding its knowledge of CCTV, alarm systems, access control, and fire alert systems for more than 40 years.

The first custom robot was built in 2011 after which the first proof of principles started. Since then, the RSS team has devoted all its efforts to the development of custom robotics.